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Noah Lamport

Nestled between the beach and the mangroves, surrounded by leather-skinned retirees, the Around the World Motel was the perfect location to inspire a curious mind. For young Noah Lamport, growing up in Sarasota became a wealth of personal adventure, life-lessons and exhortations to live life broadly. Exploration and stories became Noah's two loves.

Noah's first taste of success came when he dominated the Sarasota Rotary Club shuffleboard competition.

“I've never seen that kind of action from a four year-old. I saw fire in his eyes. Noah was the perfect mix of aggression and game IQ.”
— Florida Man, 98

By age 14, Noah was crafting films on an analog JVC editing deck, conveniently located in his high school gymnasium. By the end of his senior year, Noah created his first award-winning film, Theory of Mind. At the University of Florida, Noah continued to find new ways of crafting narrative as an English major.

Embodying the namesake of his home, he set off to explore the world—finding himself behind the lens of a camera in Guatemala, lost in the Israeli desert, and neck-deep in the Florida swamps shooting two more films.

Hungry for more, Noah set out to get lost in Atlanta and discovered Lyda Fire, a diverse team of explorers who crafted epic tales for their clients. He fit right in.

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