Lyda Fire

Namrata Mruthinti
Creative Director

A creative soul, hatched from a family of doctors. As a five year-old, Namrata destroyed her home in search of household items for her majestic sculpture gifts. Confused, her parents immediately enrolled her in art classes.

While other kids were finger painting, Namrata was at Emory. After breezing through, she headed to Parsons and earned her MFA in Design & Technology.

After a few years living the big agency highlife, Namrata decided to put her money on a one-man show. Namrata saw that Holt could talk to deer, too. And the rest is history. As LF Creative Director, Namrata steered LF into its current omnipotence. With her unmatched work ethic and an aversion to rules, she is unstoppable.

Additionally, Miss Mruthinti is a West-End hipster. She drives a Prius, rides a bike, only eats vegetables, and wears Chuck Taylors. When she’s not being a workaholic, she can be found in one of Atlanta’s parks, burning incense and playing with her niece and nephew.

Here’s Namrata, featured in our ChooseATL launch video.

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