Lyda Fire

Justine Alldredge
Art Director

Somewhere in New England in 1994, Justine's dad brought home a work computer that was loaded with Microsoft Paint. That night, while the family ate macaroni & cheese and hot dogs, Justine gazed into the IBM computer and painted a cat next to a waterfall. Her life would never be the same.

At the turn of the century, Justine's family moved to The South. To mark this glorious occasion, she created a PowerPoint for her 6th-grade talent show titled How to Hide in Plain Sight as a Yankee in the South. The presentation was a hit—and the roots of Justine's knack for communication had sprouted. While studying Graphic Design at the University of West Georgia, she became a type nerd.

“I found myself critiquing the school's typography. So I started a campus petition called 'UWG Students Against Arial'. The campus ended up switching to Helvetica. So... yeah.”

After graduating, Justine continued making beautiful presentations and also taught herself video editing. With a rock-solid foundation in visual storytelling, Justine found a cozy spot at Lyda Fire. Her even-keeled approach to challenges makes her a client's best friend, and the pieces she creates are effective.

Justine shines.

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