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Holt Lyda
Founder & CEO

Raised watching Stanley Kubrick and John Wayne films in the suburbs of central Texas, Holt Lyda was a weird kid with a penchant for drawing caricatures of his teachers. To his credit, he graduated high school in three years and earned his Communications degree at The University of Alabama in 3.5 years.

“Being a 20-year-old in the design world was intimidating. So I made up for my inexperience by working late and teaching myself to design, animate and edit.”

In 2000, Holt Lyda dove feet first into the dot-com bust at Yahoo!. Within the Brand IDEA Group, he created digital ad campaigns that resonated and earned boatloads of revenue for Yahoo!.

In 2004, Holt departed Silicon Valley and traveled the western expanses of the United States. It was on this ride of passage that Holt spoke with a deer. "He told me that if I moved my company to Atlanta, it would eventually become the best creative agency in the western hemisphere."

In Atlanta, Holt found a burgeoning startup environment and a bubbling pool of brilliant creatives.

“We’re brand orthopedists. Some brands come to us with compound fractures. Some have simpler hairlines. Our doctors get'em fixed-up in no time. They're right back to being superstars.”

Holt lives in Milton, Georgia with his wife and their two boys. In his spare time, Holt fancies trips to the beach and his family's cattle ranch in West Texas.

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