Lyda Fire

Heather Gibbons
Client Services Director

Born in the mangroves of South Florida’s Biscayne Bay, Heather has a love for the outdoors. As a young girl, her days were spent wrestling alligators, surfing manatees, and training dragonflies to spread their wings—which helped prepare her for a life of leadership and servitude.

“I ❤ people.”

Heather spent five years running Leon's Full Service, a mega-hipster gastropub in Decatur. She spent another half-decade as an IT Consultant teaching her clients how to uninstall Windows XP plugins—and how to run Windows Defender. She has a passion for learning and creating. Whether it be building an outdoor pizza oven, brewing beer, or using her stun gun, Heather has a passion for all kinds of stuff and things and hobbies and places and novelties.

Heather works closely with LF clients and our creative team to ensure that expectations are exceeded and nobody gets sued or dies.

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