Lyda Fire

Corey Spicuzza
Assoc. Creative Director

As a Sicilian, Corey was born into a creative family with a passion for excellence. From winning multiple coloring contests at Kroger in the ‘90s, to finding out that cheddar cheese tastes amazing with barbecue sauce on it, it was clear that Corey was destined to find his home in the creative cosmos.

“As a boy, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. And you know what? Not all your dreams come true.”

When he was 4, Corey worked at Adobe alongside John Warnock and showed him how to make Photoshop a reality. In the third grade, Corey was asked to edit a Director's Cut of Saving Private Ryan, but had to decline the offer—he was simply too busy leveling-up his Pokémon.

As the years went on, Corey taught himself how to design, edit and convince people that he was one of the Enlightened. And in 2015, he landed himself at LF, among friends who were all very enlightened as well. It was the perfect fit. We are all enlightened. Oooohm.

Corey likes Count Chocula, his kitty and his beautiful wife, Taylor.

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