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Illuminating demos
that initiate sales.

Illuminating demos
that initiate sales.

Launching a fresh video identity for Threekit’s 3D product configurator.

Threekit offers a solution that enables merchants to visualize products in photorealistic 2D, 3D and augmented reality, all from a single platform. Threekit needed effective B2B content that described how their 3D visual configurator helps merchants sell more products online. Working with their highly custom VR and 3D models, Lyda created a consistent, polished brand experience that brought new life to the Chicago-based startup.

Slick 3D/AR at every turn.

E-books with
added depth.

Threekit needed e-books for their sales funnel that were informative and visually appealing.
Our team created advanced 3D graphical treatments, resulting in engaging and easy-to-read content.

When we began our partnership with Threekit, we wanted to create something fresh and exciting that highlighted their capabilities as a 3D company – all while staying true to their brand and style. Our use of 3D animation allowed us the freedom to express Threekit’s wide range of offerings in a more dynamic way.”

Corey Spicuzza

Exec. Creative Director