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They’re watching you.
Give them a show.

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They’re watching you.
Give them a show.

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Bold Moves.

If marketing feels boring lately, it’s because it is. We create communications that stand out like a house fire in Manhattan. Boredom doesn’t move. Bold does.

You’re competing against 10-second videos of adorable, furry creatures. You can’t afford to be boring.

Man at video camera
Unrivaled bandwidth on a global scale

You’ve got 15 minutes to convince 1,600 people that you’re an expert. How’s your presentation?


Nuggets of wisdom.


Content should stop people in their tracks—then provoke tangible reactions.


Big stories are happening inside of all companies, and audiences are eager to connect with these relatable tales through video.


Presentations are underestimated tools for business. With decks delivering the world's biggest ideas, we give them the respect they deserve.


Obsessive people should have seats at the table too. If we don’t dwell on the details, who will?


First-class service shouldn't be reserved for big clients. Making our partners everyday heroes is our guiding principle.

chicken nuggets

People so nice you’ll want to introduce us to your mother.

We’re not saying we’re one big, happy family.
But we do begin every week with an acapella singing of Yellow Submarine.

ABOUT Lyda Fire

When it comes to clients, we’re size blind.

Big, small, short, round or slightly pointy—we believe in treating all clients equally.

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