We produce works that light fires & inspire action.

Lyda Fire is a team of strategic content creators on a mission to make people feel something new each time they interact with a brand. Our creations aren’t just beautiful, they’re client-specific and strategic to their core.

Since 2003, Lyda Fire has created captivating, effective content for some of the world’s most respected brands.



We fired the last guy who said craft was king.

There's a graveyard out back for old tropes like this. Of course we care about craft. Of course we care about pixel perfection. But we care even more about growing sales enablement and building lasting relationships.

We're focused.

We specialize in presentations and video for a reason. Our expertise in these two media gives you a partner who is optimized for rapid content delivery at scale.

We're experienced.

We complete turnarounds in a fraction of the time required by other agencies and welcome the challenge of fielding complex creative requests.

We're storytellers.

We're partner-marketing pros who understand the importance of narrative-driven creative that feels fresh, frictionless and showcases your key messages.

We care.

We possess an uncommon passion for serving others. We embrace our client’s missions and hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence every day.


The team behind the magic.

We’re a diverse group of optimists who are as passionate as we are process-driven.

Holt Lyda

President &  CEO

Heather Gibbons

VP, Managing Director

Namrata Harvey

Sr. Creative Director


Creative Director - Video


Creative Director - Video


Project Manager


Creative Director - Design


Project Manager


Creative Director - Design


Creative Director - Design


Creative Director - Design

Joanna Wilford

Project Manager

You’re in good company.

Big, small, short, round or slightly pointy—we believe in treating all clients equally.

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